Finding the Right Kind of Accommodation

Date Publish: Aug 29, 2016

Wherever in the world you decide to take your next holiday, finding the right kind of accommodation can make or break a trip.  Before going ahead and booking accommodation it's important to consider:-... READ MORE

Check out Useful Travel Tips

Date Publish: Jul 04, 2016

Deciding to travel abroad is very exciting although it does take quite a bit of preparation beforehand. You have to choose your destination, pay for flights, arrange taxis to the resort and of course have sufficient cash to enjoy yourself while you’re there. Check out the many travel tips... READ MORE

The Options Available for those who Are Looking for An Idyllic Hideaway this Year

Date Publish: Jun 27, 2016

From tiny South Pacific Islands to New Zealand’s North Island, the world boasts a myriad of idyllic holiday destinations and providing that visitors to such wonderful destinations do some research and planning before departure, holiday dreams will surely come true... READ MORE

For Golfers, a Golf-Centred Holiday Is the Best of Both Worlds

Date Publish: May 17, 2016

Golf is an extremely popular sport, and with good reason. Golf is challenging, but not over-strenuous, and it enables the players to enjoy fresh air, exercise and a sense of camaraderie with other golfers. There are facilities that offer holidays specifically for golfers, and nearly all the activities included in... READ MORE

Alternative Holiday Accomadation.

Date Publish: Mar 24, 2016

A holiday is an excuse to get away from it all. If you've been busy at work, or haven't managed to spend much time with your partner or family, then booking some time away can be good for you. It means you can go back to your every day life... READ MORE

Shop Around for Great Deals

Date Publish: Mar 23, 2016

To get the most out of your holiday accommodation, do a little research before you book up. There are plenty of useful handy hints, tips and advice on the internet, so shop around for great deals. Not everyone has lots of time to spend arranging a vacation or indeed to... READ MORE

How to Ensure that Holiday Time is Everything that People Expect it to Be and More Bedsides

Date Publish: Feb 23, 2016

There’s certainly no end of fine holiday destinations that are well worth visiting in this day and age, it’s simply a case of finding a destination that ticks all of those personal boxes, which, in actual fact, shouldn’t prove to be too much of a hardship... READ MORE

Travel Tips for a Wonderful Vacation

Date Publish: Feb 04, 2016

Taking a holiday of a lifetime in Australia or New Zealand? There’s no better way to see these beautiful countries than by campervan. There are many online travel tips you can take into consideration before you travel, so browse the net now. Driving along open roads gives you and your... READ MORE

Making the most out of a Campervan Break

Date Publish: Jan 19, 2016


Hire A Chauffeur

Date Publish: Dec 17, 2015

A Luxury Weekend Might Be More Affordable Than You Think... READ MORE

Put More Ease Into Overseas Travel By Avoiding These Mistakes

Date Publish: Sep 23, 2015

Travelling is one of the most sought after recreations nowadays because of the many benefits that you can get from it. It helps eliminate stress, it gives you the opportunity to go somewhere you haven’t been before and it widens your knowledge about the world around you... READ MORE

Planning to Go on a Holiday? Here Are the Different Places You Can Stay In

Date Publish: Sep 14, 2015

It’s always wise to look for a place to stay like Centre Point or banyan holiday resorts in thailand in advance so you can allot a budget and book for a room prior to your travel date. Depending on your plans and financial capabilities, you can either choose from the... READ MORE

Why Comprehensive Road-Trips will Always Appeal to those who Have a Built-in Sense of Adventure

Date Publish: Jul 13, 2015

There are those people in the world who make things happen and then there are those who only dream about it and it really doesn’t take a genius to work out which group will get the most out of life. Yes indeed, those who are proactive, in respect of outdoor... READ MORE

Why is It a Great Idea to Stay in a Bed and Breakfast?

Date Publish: Jul 08, 2015

Without a doubt, travelling is one of the best ways to spend your time off. Other people even go to great lengths to acquire the necessary documents to enter a country, such as having Thailand visa services in Koh Samui when they plan to explore Southeast Asia... READ MORE

Have the Most Memorable Family Holiday with These Tips

Date Publish: Jun 26, 2015

Both parents and children deal with many things on a daily basis. The former has to work long hours to provide for the family while the latter has to study hard. There is often little time to have meaningful conversations with each other. While there may be weekends... READ MORE

When Travelling with a Group…

Date Publish: May 28, 2015

“Nobody can discover the world for somebody else. Only when we discover it for ourselves does it become common ground and a common bond and we cease to be alone.” - Wendell Berry... READ MORE

Making Plans for a Holiday

Date Publish: May 26, 2015

Do you have some time off from work coming up soon? If so, then you are probably quite excited. After all, who does not love a holiday... READ MORE

A Break from Everyday Life

Date Publish: May 25, 2015

Are you getting tired of your everyday routine? Do you want to get out and experience something new? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then perhaps it is time for you to take a vacation... READ MORE

Why B&B Accommodation Is The Most Comfortable Option

Date Publish: May 05, 2015

Visiting New Zealand is the trip of a lifetime for many, with people coming from around the world to enjoy its natural beauty. There are many ways to enjoy the country, from finding motorhomes for sale in Australia and coming over on the ferry, to finding a base to stay... READ MORE

Think Peak Travel Is a Bad Idea? Not When You Follow These Tips

Date Publish: Apr 23, 2015

You've probably read a lot of tips telling you not to travel during the peak season. From sky high prices to the throngs of other travellers, there really are a lot of reasons to just wait for the off-peak months... READ MORE

3 Tricks to Squeeze the Most Out of Your Holiday Accommodation Expenses

Date Publish: Feb 17, 2015

With the little amount of time you get for leisure breaks, it's understandable that you want to get the most out of them. This is why you often choose to travel and see as much of the world as possible. The caveat is that travel doesn't come cheap... READ MORE

Booking Homestay Accommodation When Visiting New Zealand

Date Publish: Feb 11, 2015

When you are traveling around a new country, or even around the world, it's natural to feel homesick at times, and that's why you want to find accommodation where you'll feel welcome, and have all the comforts you'd enjoy back home. You may have booked a motorhome rental and decided... READ MORE

Home Away From Home: What Makes Good Accommodation Great?

Date Publish: Feb 06, 2015

One of the things that contribute to a grand travel experience is your choice of accommodation. And it makes sense because the bed and breakfast or hotel where you will be staying is the place where you take a rest after a tedious yet fun day under the sun... READ MORE

Solving the Packing Dilemma: A Quintessential Guide for Travellers

Date Publish: Jan 15, 2015

The trip that you waited for so long is almost here and of course, you're as giddy as a child on Christmas day. You have one dilemma... READ MORE

Looking for Holiday Accommodation? Never, Ever Make These 3 Mistakes

Date Publish: Nov 27, 2014

If you're organising your next holiday, one of the most important things you should do is to pick the right accommodation. This might seem like an easy task, especially if you're a seasoned traveller and have stayed in lots of hotels, B&Bs and other lodging options. But don't be too... READ MORE

Always Remember These Tips to Stay Safe on Your Holiday

Date Publish: Oct 30, 2014

A holiday is a time for you to have fun and relaxation, and eventually return home with great memories. To keep it that way, it’s important to stay safe during your journey. So, whether you’re on Great Ocean Road tours, a cruise to the Caribbean or a beach holiday... READ MORE

How to Arrange an Amazing Holiday - What Amazing Holidays Are Made Of

Date Publish: Oct 20, 2014

If you’re looking forward to your next holiday you’re certainly not alone in that regard, though what exactly are you looking forward to? Is it enjoying time away from work, the opportunity to spend time elsewhere, or is it the opportunity to experience something new, like delectable sushi and Japanese... READ MORE

A Bed & Breakfast in Whangamata Offering Comfort & Convenience

Date Publish: Jul 14, 2014

Many people enjoy taking extended holidays that include adventurous journeys interspersed with breaks that offer all the comforts of home. A relaxing stopover in a comfortable homestay could prove to be the perfect break from the road when on the holiday adventure of a lifetime. Perhaps your particular road trip... READ MORE

How to Make your Holiday More Enjoyable

Date Publish: May 09, 2014

Travelling in a campervan can be a truly exciting way to see the countryside—especially for those who love and appreciate the outdoors. However, spending all of those days or weeks cramped up in the passenger cabin of the vehicle can also take its toll. For that reason... READ MORE

A Stylishly Modern Bed & Breakfast in a Breathtakingly Lovely Location

Date Publish: May 05, 2014

There are very few things in life that could possibly be more relaxing than a stay in a bed & breakfast on the Coromandel Peninsular. New Zealand’s North island has so much to offer the visitor that it could prove to be almost impossible to take it all in during... READ MORE

Holiday Accommodation Ideas: 5 Options to Suit Your Holiday of Choice

Date Publish: Feb 04, 2014

The importance of finding the RIGHT kind of accommodation cannot be stressed enough. For one thing, you have to take your budget into consideration. You have to look into the number of days you intend to spend for your holiday to see if you can afford it... READ MORE

See the Best of New Zealand with a Homestay

Date Publish: Jan 20, 2014

When you visit a country on holiday, whether it’s your first time there or somewhere you’ve been before, you’ll no doubt want to enjoy an authentic experience, seeing how the local population live. That’s why homestay accommodation is so popular; it offers an alternative to the big hotels and allows... READ MORE

4 of the Best Places to Visit in the Oceania Region

Date Publish: Jan 13, 2014

Dreaming about Norfolk Island holidays? Or perhaps you’re daydreaming about swimming in the Great Barrier Reef? If so, then you’re probably thinking about visiting the beautiful region of Oceania... READ MORE

Don't Just Hop on a Plane: What to Do before Flying to Your Holiday Destination

Date Publish: Jan 09, 2014

If you're planning to take a holiday, you'd probably be tempted to just jump on a plane and have fun. However, remember that going on a trip doesn't work this way; if you want your holiday to be a success, you need to make the right preparations first before you... READ MORE

Redefining Holidays: Fun Activities to Try When on a Trip

Date Publish: Dec 20, 2013

When you leave for a holiday, it would seem that you are also able to take some time off worries and stressful concerns in favour of relaxation, fun and action. Aside from that, many mundane activities such as cooking meals and cleaning rooms get automatically cut from your routine and... READ MORE

Get an Online Accommodation Hot Travel Deal

Date Publish: Nov 20, 2013

If you have never travelled to New Zealand before then check out reputable home stay bed and breakfast accommodation online. Clients can expect to benefit from comfortable en suite bedrooms with Queen, King and single beds to choose from. There’s also easy access to large open plan living areas that... READ MORE